Meet our Founder and CEO


Allison-Lee Smith

In my current position, I provide strategic leadership for a full-service management company that provides job coaching and classroom learning for all career levels in the hospitality industry, working across Africa. This involves managing customized projects for clients based on guests’ requirements, equipping the employee and management with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to maximize guest satisfaction. I deliver training and coaching programs that cover all aspects of hospitality, including staff training and development, operations management, quality management, marketing, and revenue generation. In addition, I guide clients on managing and controlling quality luxury standards and promote gap analysis methodology.
I work with a range of International Branded companies across Africa – in both remote and urban locations.


With years of international experience ensuring the ultimate luxury guest experience, I know what it takes to optimize processes within the hospitality industry. I have a demonstrated ability to build teams that deliver highly personalized and innovative service that matches sense of place and quality of development. In addition, my strong business acumen enables me to evaluate financial aspects and maximize profitability and return on investment.

I’m dedicated to creating a culture of continual innovation where change must be constant and ever improving. Through a combination of excellent coaching, training, and mentoring skills, I provide employees with the training and resources they need to maximize guest satisfaction with genuine hospitality that exceeds expectations. I also develop customer feedback avenues (soliciting input, reports, etc.) and advise the management team on identifying trends and designing and implementing solutions.

My hospitality experience is comprehensive and far-ranging, a few of my key skills:

★ Revenue Generation ★ LHW Standards ★ People Development & Project Management ★ International Service Standards ★ Quality Management Systems ★ Employment Legislation ★ Training Needs Analysis ★ Operations Management ★ General Management ★ Guest Experience Surveys ★ Corporate Communications ★ Internal Marketing

If you need an accomplished, results-oriented hospitality leader, connect with me.