About Us

Founded in 2006, further to an identified need for job coaching at all levels in the hospitality arena, coupled with classroom learning, Allisone Projects offers tailored services to key clients based on their guests’ requirements, with the view to equipping the employee and supervisory/management force with the practical skills to engage and serve the guests, in the ever-increasing competitive hospitality and tourism market.

Our Motto is Excellence in Success.

Our Mission

To create a culture of service awareness in all persons working in the hospitality and customer service industry, enabling them to adopt an attitude of excellent service in all they do. To recognise that service standards come from effort and awareness, and to create good service habits.

Our Vision

To tap into the energy of the hospitality industry and drive service improvement and a desire for excellence, from within the workforce.

Global Approach

All is one Hospitality focus is to expand and improve on current job skills, to do the current job extremely well, to improve guest satisfaction and increase guest spend, to ensure international standards and recognition, with a think global approach.

Client Brand

Allisone incorporates client brand standards into all training matters – whilst using the international luxury quality assurance required service and product standards of service – for clients in the luxury international guest arena.

The story goes that a 100 people of all ages; religions and backgrounds gathered in a field during a terrible drought to pray and meditate for rain; yet only one person brought an umbrella."

Allisone Hospitality recognises unique skills and theory gaps affect the application of service that the international guest demands. We partner with properties , against measured target improvements, to close these gaps. Hospitality and tourism businesses seldom find formal training improvements valuable due to the difficulty of transferring theoretical learning into practical application in the workplace – coupled by the stringent time demands of the industry.

Allisone Hospitality is modelled on being on the client’s site – with minimal disruption to operations, and creating on-site ‘teams’ within the workforce. Allisone Hospitality offers remote and virtual ongoing support between interactions / contact coaching or training.

Some of our

All-is-One Hospitality works across Africa

In adopting a project management approach, All-is-One encourages properties to take ownership of the guest journey and experiences – to include the intrinsic details of preparation and approach of managing and planning each guest’s stay as an individual experience to the guest – by having confident and competent industry leaders in the roles of service, operations and management – working in collaboration with a united vision of their property; their surroundings and their province and country, using the energy within the workforce to drive extraordinary results.