To recognise individuals responsible for good memories
To notice and applaud extra effort – International service levels with a South African flair
To open channels within the site, for across departmental encouragement
To motivate staff to be part of delighting the guests
To encourage conversations between guests and staff
To provide a tool, to say ‘well done’ and ‘thank you


Unwavering quality and service outputs – Nominated by senior management
Department leadership & motivation - Nominated
Revenue generation or cost cutting innovations
Written guest compliments – feedback forms, tripadvisor etc.
Mystery guests reports/ Inspections – ABOVE 85% for the individual.


A beaded ‘badge representing an service professional of SA – made by TOPSY foundation – towards social responsibility To be worn proudly on your lapel

The Qhawe Programme is not a formal recognition programme, and does not replace ‘employee of the month’ or any existing recognition system in place. A Qhawe is a ‘hero / champion’ that is recognised, and visibly identified, allowing both guests and others to see a symbol that then draws attention to conversation. This allows the employee an opportunity to be congratulated by a range of other employees, managers, as well as to naturally engage with guests.

In using the Xhosa word “Qhawe” – it adds further interest, allowing the staff member to teach the guest to click their tongue, to pronounce it. The actual beaded tots, are made for All Is One Projects, by Topsey Foundation, which is a non profit organisation, focusing on HIV/AIDs awareness and it is a relief organisation, so in using these, the Qhawe has a dual purpose for social responsibility.

The Service Qhawe Programme is tailored to each property, in order to keep it unique, and the Qhawes re then designed and beaded in the chosen colours. The process is designed with the Senior management, but keeping it fun, and informal to achieve, as ideally the Qhawe gets to go home on the guests where possible.

The Concept

The Qhawe – a beaded tot, is issued to employees to middle management for ‘service hero / champion like’ moments, events, and as forms of easy recognition. This gets looped into as many factors as a property has, and is to be identified with status.

The issuing of these is both formal and informal.

Qhawes can be managed in 3 different levels – the different bands determined with clients, or they can be managed based on number of Qhawes issued – after 3 Qhawes, a golden beaded Qhawe is exchanged for the colour beaded ones.

The process however once issued, is more directed towards customer interactions, due to the general interest the average guest shows in the beaded tot, involves the employee engaging in a natural conversation with the guest about the visible beaded tot he/she is wearing on the uniform – at this point, the employee is encourage to pin the tot onto the guest, and ask the guest to take it home, as a reminder of the wonderful time they has at the property.

In this process, the guest is delighted with personalised service, as well have a take home, unusual reminder of the property,  that often serves as a reminder for trip advisor reviews, repeat business etc.

Properties using the Quawe Programme are offered regular support, spot checks, as well as upload of winners to the face book page, in order to drive and motivate employees towards improved service levels.

All managers and staff will  be trained and introduced to the Qhawe Concept, and the importance of them, their back ground (they are made for HIV/AIDS relief), and the behaviours associated in being issued a Qhawe.

All Is One Hotel Training & Coaching

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