• NQ Assessor (ETDP) ASMNT 01 & 04
  • ‘Expert Sim’ Project management
  • NQ Assessor (THETA), NQ Advanced Assessor (THETA), NQ Quality Assuror (THETA)
  • Diploma in Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
  • KWV Certificate in Cape Wines (Wits Technicon Hotel School)
  • American Hotel & Lodging Association Faculty member – 12 subjects (IHS)
  • Drug Interdiction Counselor (LAW ENFORCEMENT INSTITUTE)
  • Business Day - Tender Course
  • Nebosh Certified (Management of International Health and Safety + Practical Application
  • NQ Training & Development trainer – Intermediate & Advanced (THETA, EDTP)
  • City & Guilds assessor recognition
  • National Higher Diploma in Commercial Catering (WITS TECHNIKON HOTEL SCHOOL)
  • COMENSA Practitioner
  • IsraelX Verified (Environmental Protection and Sustainability)
  • FAMSA Counselor (FAMSA)
  • International & National Salon Culinary Competitions – Assorted medals (SACA)
  • Small Business Management Diploma (Damelin)
  • SDF, coach & mentor, & moderator (SAQA)


The first few days involve information gathering through a variety of information sources. From this, service gaps are identified at all levels, based on the attributes of service excellence. Each aspect is broken down, and aligned to the Hotel and its F&B department goals. The focus of the intervention is targeted to these areas. Through working alongside all team members, service excellence is enforced in their daily duties, allowing theoretical knowledge to be translated into actual practice on the floor.
The intervention programme inter-links operational matters and obstacles, coupled with promoting “Creating Memories” as the reason for every action. In “joining” the F&B team during the programme, the processes are evaluated with a fresh and critical eye, ensuring these are not just “reported” but corrective action is taken. Possible ways to improve are continuously introduced and monitored for effectiveness.

Staff members are encouraged to embrace “suggestive selling” techniques, increasing the guest spend, and their focus is further drawn to the high costs of breakages and shrinkage. Both these aspects are dealt with in real terms, requiring staff to take ownership of the establishment’s financial performance.

Daily observations, improvements and action plans are recorded and a report, drawn up at the end of each session at the establishment, is provided to the F&B manager. Ongoing evaluation and support is provided telephonically and electronically. The progress of the implementation is assessed with each new session, and ways forward are determined.


To tap into the energy of the hospitality industry and drive service improvement and a desire for excellence, from within the workforce.


To create a culture of service awareness in all persons working in the hospitality and customer service industry, enabling them to adopt an attitude of excellent service in all they do. To recognise that service standards come from effort and awareness, and to create good service habits.


Although Head Office is based in KwaZulu-Natal, All-is-One operates from virtual offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In order to maximise the amount of information gathered and the monitoring of the establishment’s service processes as well as obtaining a holistic image of the establishment, in-house accommodation is used, where possible.

All Is One Hotel Training & Coaching

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